Eda Arslan

Specialist Dietitian

Educational Information

Post Graduate
Istanbul Okan University
Nutrition and Dietetics

Istanbul Okan University
Nutrition and Dietetics

Prep School
Istanbul Okan University
Preparatory Class


Eda Arslan completed her undergraduate education at the Nutrition and Dietetics department of Istanbul Okan University. Her undergraduate graduation thesis is on the topic of ”Nutrition in Neurodegenerative Diseases”. in 2022, she graduated from the Nutrition and Dietetics program of Istanbul Okan University and was entitled to receive the title of Specialist Dietitian. Her master’s thesis is on the topic ”Hedonic Hunger, Desire to Eat and Mental Health Continuity”.

Arslan completed his internships at Istanbul Okan University Hospital, Ünye State Hospital, a private hospital in Istanbul and various private nutrition clinics during his undergraduate and graduate education.

since 2020, she has been conducting face-to-face and online psychotherapy process with adult, child and adolescent clients professionally.

She has competencies in the fields of obesity treatment, weight control, nutrition during pregnancy and lactation, sports nutrition, medical nutrition for diseases, weight control in children and adolescents.

Eda Arslan, whose understanding of ”Sustainable Nutrition” attaches importance to the wishes and demands of her clients, is pleased to offer you services within the body of the Psychologist at My House.

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