Merve Belikırık


Educational Information

2019 – 2022
Post Graduate
Bahçeşehir Univercity
Clinical Psychology

Hacettepe Univercity



I am Psychologist Merve Belikırık, I would like to briefly introduce myself to you.

My life with psychology started with me sitting in the rows of Istanbul University lecture halls. I completed my graduation with high honors in my undergraduate life, which I spent here with classical psychoanalysis education in the Psychology Department of Istanbul University. In my educational life at Istanbul University, I have been working with adults and adolescents with dynamically oriented therapy methods in continuation of my career journey, which has progressed with a classical psychoanalytic approach. Currently, I am organizing my sessions with supervision at a private clinic.

During my undergraduate education, I took an active part in the Psychology Club of Istanbul University and became a member of the board of directors. During this process, I took part in social social responsibility projects and in organizing events. In addition, I have provided voluntary participation under the roof of different clubs.

I did a long-term voluntary internship at a private clinic because I wanted to observe child, adolescent, adult and couple therapies, and during my internship, I was assigned to the Department of Developmental Psychology at the Department of Psychology of Istanbul University. Gor. I worked as an assistant in Yasemin Yeşilyaprak’s doctoral thesis study. In this context, I took part in the organization of questionnaires and scales used in the research, in the application of questionnaires and scales to the participants and in the process of conducting experiments.

In addition to my undergraduate education, I have also started different trainings and courses for my profession. The first of these is Dr. Another one given by Görkem Gökçelioğlu is “Personality Theories, Personality Disorders and Psychodynamic Psychotherapy” and Dr. at the Rorschach and Projective Tests Association. Teach The trainings are “Introduction to Rorschach-TAT and Psychoanalytic Psychopathology and Projective Tests for Adults” given by Ayşe Elif Yavuz Sever.

I hope that the changes you have experienced and will experience will be meaningful.
Merve Belikırık.

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